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The Spenser Longfellow
Trading Company

The Honorable Lady
Catelin Spenser

London, Bristol 
and An Tir

Phillip Longfellow

The Household The Legend

The Fleet:
FMS Enchanted Hawk FMS Vivacia Diem
FMS Mariposa del Oro
Patroness - Contessa Aryana Silkenfyre
HMS Tudor Rose
Patroness - Marquessa Laurellen de Brandevin


In Loving Memory :
     We remember our beloved friend and fire goddess Serena Eame who left our company but not our thoughts.  So well did she tend our fires that they will never fade.

Her Legend Lives on....

"The Trading Company Today"
What started as a lark, a good natured rivalry between  Catelin Spenser and Phillip Longfellow has blossomed to one of the most successful Trading Companies to ply the Trade winds.  As the Company has prospered so has the Household.  Once known as "THE SHIP", known to those truly enlightened as the Enchanted Hawk, the Spenser Longfellow Trading Company stands proud like the Phoenix.
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Matron of the House
Her Excellency Contessa Aryanna (BKB)
The House is a mix of the physical and the ethereal.  A group of like minded folk who share common visions, (a bit redundant) and a state of mind, treasuring friendships and familial bonds created from the "family" we have chosen to surround ourselves with.  While we aren't as large or as active as we once were the House has always strived to mix fun and service with the philosophy "if you aren't having fun doing it, you're doing it for the wrong reasons."

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The "Ship" - in the beginning

The Enchanted Hawk is a 3 masted, squared rigged barque built in Norway and purchased by Captain Phillip as a wedding gift for Catelin. The ship was originally intended to compliment the Trading Company's fleet to be captained by one of the company's officers. After gifting Catelin with the ship, named Mistral, Phillip spent the better part of that season taunting, teasing and otherwise haranguing Catelin about the worthiness of the ship. Catelin, not being one to sit idly by, decided she'd prove the seaworthiness of her ship. Assembling a rather eclectic group of officers and crew she set out to beat Perspective's sailing and merchanting records. 

The ship was renamed by Catelin (after way too many suggestion about the Bonny Bunny) to Enchanted Hawk. The name's origin came from a nickname once given Catelin by a mentor. 

The Enchanted Hawk and crew, in their first season of trade matched the other ships of the company for returns and has since maintained the company's long standing tradition of sea going excellence. 

Profits were such for the ship that tributes have been paid to two Crown Heads and a letter of Marque presented.  Since then several ships have been acquired, several lost and sold, one sailed for a Patroness and even one given by a Queen of An Tir!!

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The Household
The Spenser Longfellow Trading Company became an official household about a year after the first gathering.  Members of the Household assume positions of crew on the various ships of the company, as employees of the company and as confrere's of Catelin through their association with her personal holdings in Newmarket. 

It is the philosophy of the House not to offer immediate membership to gentles new to the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) in hopes that these people should have the chance to experience the myriad of ideas and opportunities within the SCA before committing to a single household. This is not to say that newcomers are not welcome, far from it.  One of the tenants of the House is that there are no strangers, only friends not yet met.. To that end, folks looking for a place to start out are welcomed as travelers and midshipmen.  After a period of time the partnership is evaluated, the crew polled, and the process for membership entered into. 

The tenants of the House are based loosely upon historic articles and charters struck by privateers, pirates, and buccaneers of our time period.. In addition to these, members of the Household are asked to share of their talents and skills to teach others in the House and are asked to offer periods of service at the events we are lucky enough to make a port call at. 

The Household gathers regularly outside of events for fun, silliness and to support each other in our everyday activities.

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The Legend

It wasn't long after the idea was hatched that the Enchanted Hawk took on a life of it's own. More than a household, an extended family, a way of interpreting the 'Dream' that each member of the house has within the Society. 

We've been known to be part of a lot of light-hearted silliness and enjoy the opportunity to meet those 'friends not yet met...' 

The Household has been credited with a 'killer party' at an event we didn't even attend. 

We will lay claim to an oreo incident at June Faire XIV but deny most involvement with the rafter incident. 

We will lay claim to the breading rumors and we were involved with a ransom for toast. 

We did host the first 'Autocrat's Invitational Croquet' game at 12th Night but had nothing to do with the elephant getting in the ballroom. 

We neither confirm nor deny the rumor that the entire household/ship has slept together, except that Moyra is the scorekeeper. 

We will admit to the late night search for one of our fellows - but deny all involvement in the adult noises in the encampment next door at Autumn War. 

We will lay claim to the 'roll the dice' game but in the interest of good taste and possible litigation won't name names. 

Contrary to comments by Mr. Blackwell, 'Moyra's Hemline' looks better when raised.

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Articles of the Trading Company

As obtained by Lady Desiree Dunne de Beaumont based on the Charter of the Privateer ship Dreamchaser - Atenveldt, Captain Alexandra da la Vert, Commanding. 
    I. Ye first law of ye brotherhood IS brotherhood:
        No politics, no power plays, no ego trips. 

    II. Ye second law of ye brotherhood is PEACE:
        No steel, fisticuffs, arguing or fighting among the Brothers. Only when absolutely necessary shall brother draw steel against kin, and then it shall be in tournament style only. Them that draws first blood, not the killing, shall be declared the victor. This does not include society tournaments. 

    III. Ye third law of ye brotherhood is SURVIVAL:
        No boisterous drunkenness, illegal substances, in public or private. No compromising if minor. Each brother shall burden their own load and therefore be entitled to their share of the bounty. 

    IV. Ye fourth law of ye brotherhood is TRUST:
        Yer Captain and brothers give ye their trust and friendship. FAIL THIS NOT! Things said in confidence, be them to a single brother, or to the crew are to be kept in that confidence. Ye word must be as strong as ye steel and as sharp as ye wit. (Privateers are known to have VERY sharp wits!

    V. Concerning thefts or housebreakings of freemen:

    VI. Concerning behavior on or off the seas:
        We are not the saints of the seas, but let us be a living example to those who live upon the land. Gentleman, honor ALL ladies. Ladies, be worthy of ALL honor. 

    VII. Concerning encampment and traditions:
        There will be peace in camp or on board ship at all cost. Each visitor shall be given hospitality or courteously asked to leave if given no other options. The tradition of wine, food, and safety will be upheld. No one shall be called stranger, only a friend, not yet met. 

    VIII. Concerning Corpora, Society Laws and Traditions:
        These will be upheld by the best of ye strength. Without these the Spenser Longfellow Trading Company would have no safe ports to call home. 

    IX. Concerning multiple obligations:
        There will be no conflicts, so long as ye continue to uphold all of ye obligations. By failing in other obligations outside of the Spenser Longfellow Trading Company, ye bring dishonor to ye brothers. Choose well ye paths of service and know ye responsibilities. Ask of ye brothers advice and ye Captain. Know ye path. 

    X. Concerning guests of the crew and Captain:
        Thems who bring visitors on board as guests or travelers are themselves responsible that these visitors know the articles and they will endeavor to uphold them. 

    XI. Concerning ye Galley Mistress or Master:
        If ye agree to a Galley Mistress or Master for a time, know well this. Such is not ye responsibility to clean as well. If ye uses the galley or reaps the rewards of the Mistressís or Masterís hard work, thank them and let them enjoy a clean galley after meal time has passed. 

    XII. Concerning Duty:
        Ye will endeavor to be an active participant within the realm of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Mundane obligations are fully understood, but ye will wholeheartedly endeavor to support our Society by teaching, learning or serving these fine people. By ye actions the Society is made greater and by ye inaction made the lesser. Give of yerself freely and often and ye will be amazed at the bounty ye shall reap. 

    XIII. There is no Article Thirteen HAHAHA

    XIV. Concerning Fealty:
        Ye Captain may freely give an oath of service to the Crown or its representatives, or even an oath of fealty, this does not bind the crew, family or any traveler on board.  Unless in the case of crew or household memberís so choosing. Each must make ye own mind but remember our goal is to serve as example in our service within this Society. 

    XV. Concerning Safety:
        Gentlemen and Ladies will be given escort after night fall. Period!! The only exception will be given to these brothers crazed enough to give security to the rest of the populace and ye brothers. 

    XVI. Concerning these articles themselves:
        Slavery, indentured service and other such IDOCY shall not be tolerated. Freemen ye are and freemen ye shall ever remain. Each of ye sign these articles without coercion, force, or threat of pain. Donít place ye mark if ye cannot uphold them.

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