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                    he Spenser Longfellow Trading Company, the ships, crews and companions of the House do entreat to subscribe into partnership under the banner of the Golden Butterfly of Her Excellency Contessa Aryana Silknfyre.

                    t is our desire that you avail yourself of the cadre of fellows that is our House.  Among our numbers are aspiring bards, artists, fighter, costumers, brewers, and more.  Take from amoungst us the brightest and best of our talents and skills that we may shine for you, in your service.  In return we beg the boon of your direction, knowledge and experience.  We ask your intercession for we as individuals, the Trading Company, it's ships and our House, as you may deem appropriate.

                    or our part we shall conduct ourselves as befitting your noble patronage, we shall strive to improve ourselves and do your name honor.  Should you or yours ever require assistance you need but ask, we are at your disposal.

                    t is our fervent desire to proudly fly your pennant in honor on the Trading Company's Banner and aboard the ship acquired for your glory - The Mariposa Del Oro.  We ask this boon of you this 9th day of January, to be set by your hand For the Spenser-Longfellow Trading Company

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