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Thursday Nights

The following is the schedule for Thursday nights as they stand:
1st Thursday:  Inasmuch as we have a number - a growing number of individuals in the House who are involved or wish to become involved in the Martial Arts the first Thursday of the month will take place at the regularly scheduled Baronial Fighter Practice.  It would do me no small amount of pride to have fighters on the field this season under my banner and wearing my colors in some small way. If you aren't a fighter you need to be supporting our fighters.

2nd Thursday Night: is always ROC Keep meeting night at Moyra's House.

3rd Thursday: of the month  will be bardic night.  There are folks in the House who have a serious desire to improve, learn grow as bards and deserve a venue wherein they can seriously direct their attentions.  You don't have to be a bard to attend  this meeting - but please come prepared to listen to or partake of bardic activities.  This meeting will take place at my home. - there is parking available in the front and the back.  I remind folks that my House is not set up with kids in mind.  If you bring your kids they should come prepared to entertain themselves- outside - weather permitting.