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Articles of the Privateer Ship
Enchanted Hawk

As obtained by Lady Desiree Dunne de Beaumont based on the Charter of the Privateer ship Dreamchaser - Atenveldt, Captain Alexandra da la Vert, Commanding.

I. Ye first law of ye brotherhood IS brotherhood.

II. Ye second law of ye brotherhood is PEACE.

III. Ye third law of ye brotherhood is SURVIVAL.

IV. Ye fourth law of ye brotherhood is TRUST.

V. Concerning thefts or housebreakings of freemen:

VI. Concerning behavior on or off the seas:

VII. Concerning encampment and traditions:

VIII. Concerning Corpora, Society Laws and Traditions:

IX. Concerning multiple obligations:

X. Concerning guests of the crew and Captain:

XI. Concerning ye Galley Mistress or Master:

XII. Concerning Duty:

XIII. There is no Article Thirteen HAHAHA


XV. Concerning Safety:

XVI. Concerning these articles themselves:

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