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The Ship

The Enchanted Hawk is a 3 masted, squared rigged barque built in Norway and purchased by Captain Phillip as a wedding gift for Catelin. The ship was originally intended to compliment the Trading Company's fleet to be captained by one of the company's officers. After gifting Catelin with the ship, named Mistral, Phillip spent the better part of that season taunting, teasing and otherwise haranguing Catelin about the worthiness of the ship. Catelin, not being one to sit idly by, decided she'd prove the seaworthiness of her ship. Assembling a rather eclectic group of officers and crew she set out to beat Perspective's sailing and merchanting records.

The ship was renamed by Catelin (after way too many suggestion about the Bonny Bunny) to Enchanted Hawk. The name's origin came from a nickname once given Catelin by a mentor.

The Enchanted Hawk and crew, in their first season of trade matched the other ships of the company for returns and has since maintained the company's long standing tradition of sea going excellence.

Profits were such for the ship this past season that tributes have been paid to two Crown Heads and a letter of Marque presented.

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