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Equestrian Event Handbook

Edited and resubmitted this day, 7 July 97 ASXXXI of the Common Era 1997,Countess Iseult nicElam, SCA Deputy for Equestrian Activities.

The Equestrian Event Handbook 1st Edition, 1992, Academy of Equestrian Arts, Kingdom of Caid. Edited by Baroness Emmaline Marie Chandelle, written under the direction of Duke Sir Armand de Sevigny and with safety and equipment contributions by Lady Donwenna Beast Healer of Hawksheye. Quoted with permission from Lord Agelos Evienece, Minister of the Caid AEA 1993-1996. Special appreciation to Duke Armand and Lord Agelos for their help with formulating the SCA Equestrian Regulations.


SCA participants under the age of majority within the state where the event is held; Emancipated Minors are treated as Adults. In the event of a rule conflict between General Regulations and Minor Regulations, The Minor Regulation shall have precedence.

 In addition to the General Rider Regulations:



(waived if no events conducted in your Kingdom, but sufficient experience in SCA Equestrian Activities has been gained and demonstrated during official or unofficial SCA equestrian practices in the mounted military training exercises within the past two years, OR. if it can be verified that an otherwise knowledgeable horseman is no longer physically able to ride.)             Probationary EMs will only work along side authorized EMs and must demonstrate a knowledge of SCA equestrian activities as well as general equestrian safety issues to the appointed EM observers.  EM observers will give a written assessment of the probationary EMs work at that event. This will e sent to the KEO within 10 days of the event. Upon completion of 3 events with at least four satisfactory assessments, the KEO may elevate a probationary EM to full EM status.
  APPENDIX I APPENDIX II These descriptions are based on those from 'The Caidan Equestrian Marshall's Handbook'.


(this is for both mounted and chariot archery. Many thanks to Lady Isabeau Pferdebandiger for developing these regs.) This is an unofficial SCA publication. In case of conflict with printed material, the printed material takes precedence.

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