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8-7 News
From the desk of Catelin:

          It's late in the Trading season and I can only thank the gods that we've other interests. Between a nasty rendezvous with the Portuguese off the Isle of Wight and the demise of Grandpa-pa Spenser the ships have not been under way as the should be by this time of year. We were down a ship after Phillip felt need to sacriface Perspective but found, in the benevolent gifting from the Marquessa Laurellen a new and most wonderous vessel to ply the waters.

          The Tudor Rose is one of the finest ships the Captains of the company have laid eyes upon and she is the envy of most everyone on the quay. It was with great joy that the House heard the news that two of our own had been chosen, by Grace of the Sable Lion, to be invested as Baron and Baroness of Dragon's Laire. A hearty vivat to Their Excellencies Jacques and Siobhan, long may the reign over the lands of Dragon's Laire. 

          Many of the House are finding their wings this season and exploring the richness of the Society. Moyra has found need to check into the Betty Ford Center for recovering Bards - if you see her ask her about the 1500 song boon. Fallyn has risn through the ranks of the marshallate to become a junior armored marshal. Both Antoninus and Brenna have donned armor this season and encourage more to join them. My most esteemed Courtier Extraodinaire, Francesco, continues to excel in his ambassadorial duties. He and the good lady Lucinda can be found now in Wyewood holding dance classes. 

           Speaking of dance, Aarontious has Fallyn well on her way to Journeyman for the Queen's Companie of Dance. So many things to mention, I run risk of leaving someone out. Suffice to say that Cate is well pleased by the efforts of the House and the fine example they set. I should note too, the outstanding efforts of our young ones his season, volunteering for Gate at most of the events we attend and getting recognized especially for their efforts at July Coronation. As always, my most industrious Engineering Corp has outdone themselves and if you chance by our encampment please ask about their works. 

          Also of note. The young ward Jon was adopted by Phillip and given his name that the Longfellow name may continue. We also welcome to our House the good gentles Elsbeth - who is an embroirdery and woodworker extraordinare and Stiven who has a head for fine brews (no pun intended) and silly bardic songs!! Before I ramble too long I will close this missive and endeavor to keep up with the news.

Done this 7th day of August, AS XXIII