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From the desk of Catelin:

          Having run out of pages in my personal journal - thanks to Phillip's well intentioned banishment to my cabin I now find I can reach out here.  Our persona development exercise has flourished quite well - save for the death of Msr. de Grosse and the loss of our Flagship the Perspective.  But fear not gentle reader we shall be ready for the coming Trading/Tourney season.  The rumors of Phillip's death are shall we say slightly exaggerated - save unless you are a spy looking for more information.  (You'll have to ask.)  Moyra and company, in a bizarre turn of events happened upon a ship that may just fit the bill and Captain Allenthor reports that Vivacia has more than proven herself worthy to fly the Company banner.

          After the ruckus off the isle of Wight we found ourselves journeyed to the land of Glymm Mere for May Faire, where despite Mother Nature's best attempts otherwise, we had a grand time - HUGE thanks to Rhonwen and the good people of Glymm Mere!!  On Saturday night of the event my most beloved Steward, the Lady Moyra asked to Swear an Oath of Fealty to me and enter into a teacher/student relationship.  I was most pleased and look forward to her continued diligence and growth.  Many of our fellows joined us for the weekend folly and we were very pleased to host the members of the Most Esteemed Monastery de Money.  Also on Saturday night at upon the recommendation of my personal Company of Guard, Tristan - Lion's cub of An Tir was added to their rank.  Young Tristan proved his prowess the following day on the archery range where he "Robin Hood'd" the arrow of the very fine gentle Gryphon.  So impressed was Gryphon by this act that he and Red Angus did announce in Their Excellencies' Court that they would make a set of arrows for Tristan especially for his draw and bow weight.

          The month of April also found us enjoying the company of our beloved Patron Countessa Aryanna, as she journeyed to our side of the pond for an evening to moderate a discussion on "Inspiring Violence and living with the Consequences" or "How to be the best Inspiration you can be". 

          May finds us in a mostly quiet month which is probably a damn good thing considering the current condition of the ships.  Liberty will be little and scarce as we make repairs from our sojourn and ready for the first contracts of the season.  We hope to journey to Stromguard to lend a hand with the site preparations for July Coronation.   June will find us on the eric at June Faire hosting the games pavilion for that fine event.  We hope to see many of you there!!!

Done this 3rd day of May, AS XXIII