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The Legend

It wasn't long after the idea was hatched that the Enchanted Hawk took on a life of it's own. More than a household, an extended family, a way of interpreting the 'Dream' that each member of the house has within the Society. We've been known to be part of a lot of light-hearted silliness and enjoy the opportunity to meet those 'friends not yet met...'

The Household has been credited with a 'killer party' at an event we didn't even attend.

We will lay claim to an oreo incident at June Faire XIV but deny most involvement with the rafter incident.

We will lay claim to the breading rumors and we were involved with a ransom for toast.

We did host the first 'Autocrat's Invitational Croquet' game at 12th Night but had nothing to do with the elephant getting in the ballroom.

We neither confirm nor deny the rumor that the entire household/ship has slept together, except that Moyra is the scorekeeper.

We will admit to the late night search for one of our fellows - but deny all involvement in the adult noises in the encampment next door at Autumn War.

We will lay claim to the 'roll the dice' game but in the interest of good taste and possible litigation won't name names.

Contrary to comments by Mr. Blackwell, 'Moyra's Hemline' looks better when raised.

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