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The Spenser Longfellow
Trading Company
HL Catelin's bio
The Honorable
Lady Catelin Spenser
London and Bristol
Lord Phillip's bio
Phillip Longfellow

"The Trading Company Today"
What started as a lark, a good natured rivalry between Catelin Spenser and Phillip Longfellow has blossomed to one of the most successful Trading Companies to ply the Trade winds. As the Company has prospered so has the Household. Once know as "THE SHIP", known to those truly enlightened as the Enchanted Hawk, the Spenser Longfellow Trading Company now stands proud like the Phoenix.
Matron of the House
Her Excellency Contessa Aryanna (BKB)
Since that first summer the House has tripled in size, members coming from around the region of Western An Tir. These members represent many aspects of interests within the Society; the Marshallate - (Fencing, Equestrian, Archery and Armored), Arts and Sciences - (Costuming, calligraphy, research) and Bardic - (song, dance, filk, games, story telling). The House strives to mix fun and service with the philosophy "if you aren't having fun doing it, you're doing it for the wrong reasons."
The Trading Company now boasts a fleet of four ships - our latest acquisition the Tudor Rose.

The Fleet
Click for Crew FMS Enchanted Hawk Click for Crew FMS Vivacia Diem
Click for Crew FMS Mariposa del Oro
Patroness - Contessa Aryana Silkenfyre
Click for Crew HMS Tudor Rose
Patroness - Marquessa Laurellen de Brandevin

Heavy Frigate Universe

Reaquired and Sunk

In Loving Memory :
Ship andCrew
of the
FMS Perspective
Sunk off the Isle of Wight
Ship andCrew
of the
Schooner Karma
Lost to us in the Sargasso Sea

. .
Spenser-Longfellow Trading Company
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A Riddle

I house many men, their words and deeds envelope my table and my door.
Without my roof, swords would be unsheathed and blood would stain the floor.
It is my wisdom only that keeps the peace, even when others disagree.
But my house stands strong, and those within it prosper.
Outside is noise and tumult, and wars run rampant.
Within, each man bows to another, gives his hand, and swears his honor.
Each knows his place and respects all within, both servant and master.
By what name am I called?



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Many things may be said about the Spenser Longfellow Trading Company.
One thing will always hold true.
The Spencer Longfellow Trading Company crew and friends
'Live the Dream'.

- Richard Alenthor -

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