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The Household

The Spenser Longfellow Trading Company became an official household about a year after the first gathering. Members of the Household assume positions of crew on the various ships of the company, as employees of the company and as confrere's of Catelin through their association with her personal holdings in Newmarket.

It is the philosophy of the House not to offer immediate membership to gentles new to the SCA in hopes that these people should have the chance to experience the myriad of ideas and opportunities within the SCA before committing to a single household. This is not to say that newcomers are not welcome, far from it. One of the tenants of the House is that there are no strangers, only friends not yet met. To that end, folks looking for a place to start out are welcomed as travelers and midshipmen. After a period of time the partnership is evaluated, the crew polled, and the process for membership entered into.

The tenants of the House are based loosely upon historic articles and charters struck by privateers, pirates, and buccaneers of our time period.. In addition to these, members of the Household are asked to share of their talents and skills to teach others in the House and are asked to offer periods of service at the events we are lucky enough to make a port call at.

The Household gathers regularly outside of events for fun, silliness and to support each other in our everyday activities.

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