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Giovanni De la Rosa
Companion of the Spencer Trading Company
          I was born on the nineteenth day of April fourteen hundred and seventy-five.  As the only surviving son of Jacques De la Rosa (a Frenchman) and Sancia Particaco (a Nobel Woman of Italian descent) I am the sole heir to the De la Rosa Merchant Company (not to mention the God Son of Pope Sixtus the IV). Before my birth my parents had three children, two sons Diodato, Domenico and a daughter Marie Anne.  My brothers both died of an illness still unknown to us and my sister was born still. 
         On the 19th day of April, my 21st year, it was decided by my family that I was ready to take my place in the Merchant Company.  On the sixth day of June, I arrived in London England.  There I met the Good Lady Catelin Spencer, Captain of the Enchanted Hawk.  My family, having done much business with the Spencer Trading Company, had made arrangements for Catelin to aquatint me with London as well as the Spencer holdings in Newmarket and the ways of the English.
          I often booked passage on the Enchanted Hawk under the premise of doing business for the De la Rosa Merchant Company.  My time with Her at sea allowed me to meet Vitale Michiel a fellow Italian and Navigator for the Enchanted Hawk.  Spending many hours with Vitale as we sailed, I learned the art of Navigation.  On one of our voyages, Vitale became ill and passed away.  Having taught me to navigate and bequithing me his charts, it was only natural that I "inherited" the position of Navigator on the Enchanted Hawk (under the watchful eye of Catelin and Her Sailing Master).
          As the years have passed my Fathers health has drawn most ill, and a feud has erupted between my family with that of another Italian Merchant Company.  This has caused me to step away from being the Navigator of the Hawk and focus more diligently on the  business of the De la Rosa Merchant Company.  Both the Spencer Longfellow Trading Company and the De la Rosa Merchant Company have vast interests in England and it is my duty to insure that my family's interests continue to grow.
Forever in Service,
Giovanni de la Rosa

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