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Equestrian Activities within the Kingdom of An Tir
by - THL Catelin Spenser, EM - An Tir

So, you’ve got a horse, or an inkling towards the horses and you’d like to know if there’s a niche for you?

Most definitely!!

The following information is taken from the Kingdom of An Tir’s Equestrian Handbook and outlines some of the basic information needed to take part in horse activities in the SCA.

Horses have been a part of the SCA for more than 25 years. Equestrian activities occur in every kingdom of the Known World. Although their numbers are small in comparison to other martial activities, SCA equestrians are dedicated to their sport and most willing to assist an individual in getting started.

Equestrian activities take place in a variety of forms and venues: Martial Games and contests, Non-martial games and contests, and non-competitive events to include, training sessions, quests, trails rides and camping events. A martial competitive event is an event where one or more of the competitive games involves skill-at-arms in conjunction with horsemanship. A non-martial competition event is an event where none of the games involves skills-at-arms.

Equestrian activities within the SCA endeavor to recreate the equestrian pursuits of the Middle Ages.

The Equestrian Handbook outlines information on the following recognized activities:

As with any martial activity within the SCA, equestrian events are governed by marshals. These marshals report to their kingdom Equestrian Affairs Officer, who in turn reports to the Society Equestrian Officer. The Society officer is the liaison between the equestrians of the Known World and the corporate structure of the SCA.

The Kingdom Equestrian Marshal is responsible for seeing that an Equestrian Marshal (EM) is present wherever a horse is at an event, and that the special SCA equestrian liability insurance has been activated for that event. Without these two things equestrian activities can not take place. The Equestrian Marshals are a kingdom wide group responsible to and reporting to the Kingdom Equestrian Officer of An Tir. The primary considerations for appointment to the post of equestrian marshal are the demonstration of skill in the equestrian arts, common sense and the ability to exercise self-control and diplomacy in dealing with others. An Equestrian Marshal must maintain such visibility in the SCA equestrian activities that he/she is accepted as an authority in the filed by members of the marshallate of the kingdom of An Tir.

General considerations and rules for SCA equestrian activities In order for a rider under 18 years of age to compete in the games the following requirements must be met: Rider Authorizations and Demonstration rides

In order for a rider to participate in any manner they must first perform a demonstration ride at the fastest gait in which they intend to compete. Equestrian activities are performed at three levels - beginner (walk only), intermediate (walk-trot/jog/intermediate gait), advanced (walk, trot, canter or gallop). Individual riders shall be responsible for demonstrating their own skill level and that of their horse. If the judgment proves to be incorrect, they will be asked to ride at a lower level. Once having completed a demonstration ride satisfactorily to the EMIC a specific rider on a specific horse may thereafter perform at future events at that level unless the EMIC of such event deems performance at that level to be unsafe.

It is possible for a rider to be authorized at different levels on different horses depending on the horses suitability/experience level with SCA events.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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I don’t have a horse, can I ride? Can children participate? Do I need special equipment to participate? Can we get together to practice? Are helmets required? I have a cart horse, can I get involved? Can I fight on horseback? How can I get my horse ready for SCA events?

How can I get more information?


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