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Hail Your Most Gracious Excellency
Contessa Aryana Silknfyre
          efore another trading season flutters by we wish to let you know we are not trying to swallowtail.  Before the setting of another Lunar Moth we wish to set sail to explore, spreading our gossamer wings on your behalf, in your shadow, under your guidance.

          e wish to break forth from the cocoon of convention, swarming towards the light of your magnificence.

          ot wishing to get pinned down we hope to be sampling many ports before ether (Phillip made me put in that part) and returning on the winds to you (and where ever butterflies gather).

          t is our antenna to provide to you - henceforth known as the Big Kahuna Butterfly (BKB) - tributes and glory as you pollinate us with your grace and wisdom.  We are dedicating the efforts of the Mariposa Del Oro to acquiring things so that you may be paid tribute in a manor and style to which you are - or would like to become accustomed, suitable to your benevolent self.

          e ask that you intercede on our behalf with the great Monarch butterflies and shield us from the bug light that might trick us into enjoining his presence - (read; keep us safe from Jarl Hwulf).

          et us not into temptation but deliver us from weevils.  For thine was the kingdom and will soon be again (we hope).  We promise not to pupe' on your good name and to provide you grub whenever we may.  We just want you to take us under your wing.

So let it bee pollinated - so let it bee done

The Crews and Companions of the
Spenser Longfellow Trading Company
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Catelin Spenser - Riding herd on
"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world
The wise call a Butterfly."