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Tadhg Og O’Higgin
Cea’d Mile Falte,
(Onehundred Thousand Welcomes)

          I was born in the year 1150A.D. in Eire (Ireland) in the Galway Bay area. On the shores of the Loch Oirbsen (Loch Corrib as it is known today). I have two brothers (Christopher and Glenn) and a sister (Nancy). We were raised on the north shores of the Loch Oirbsen and had a happy childhood. As to the exact day and month of my birth well my mother tells me “it was a sunny day in the spring”. I grew up sailing the waters of the Loch and became known through out . When I became old enough I was allowed to sail down the Loch with my father to the black waters of the river Shrule. Then, on to Galway Bay and to the open sea.
          My father and I had many a grand time sailing and working the waters in and around Galway Bay. Then in the twelfth year of my life the Gods took my father from us. This was a heavy burden on us for without him we had no way of supporting the rest of us.  Fortune smiled upon us then, The Baron of Moycullen took on my mother as a housekeeper and of course we came along with her. The Baron lived on the Castled Island of Caislean na Circe. Located in the northern end of the Loch. The baron noting that I was getting close to manhood gave me over to his head guardsman for training on how to be a good man. The guardsman was hard but fair and allowed me to enter manhood in keeping with the Pagan ways. Soon I was wearing the ear cuff of a man.
          I was always drawn to the sea, and soon I felt the call of Oirbsiu Mac Allo’id (The Son of the Sea). I could not shake this and was soon sailing down to Galway Bay and to the open sea.  The Baron could see that I was born to sail the sea and gave me my leave to do so. I would not leave unless I was sure that my mother was well taken care of. I struck a pact with the Baron. I would sail in his name and bring him profit If  he gave my family a small plot of land and a house on it for as long as my clan walked the earth. 
       The Baron thought this over and agreed. I sailed for the Baron for many a year until his death. His son did not want me sailing in the name of the house anymore and released me from my pact. But he did keep his fathers word about the home.
       I sailed for myself now I soon found that keeping one’s self in food and clothing was harder than I had thought. I also found that I could do quite well for myself if I endeavored in the intercoastal trade business.  So I have done just that ...and many years and miles later. I have quite a business for my self and a name that commands respect in most harbors. I have made quite a few friends along the way and the most trusted one is Grandfather Spencer.  His granddaughter now runs the company and has retained me as land agent due to my contacts on both sides of the law.
       I still have my intercoastal trading business on the side and have three ships at my command. The Banshee’s Cry, My personnel ship, She is of my own design and is armed in a unique manner. She carries two eight pound cannon in the bow and two ten pound cannon in the stern. Along with the four twelve pound cannon, two port, and two starboard. Her cargo hold is not as large as the others are but it serves me well. The Raven’s Wind is the second, she is a fast frigate and can move along at a fair clip. My brother Glenn who followed me to sea commands her. The last of the Line is the Sea Mist. Another frigate and is commanded by Brother Christopher. My sister is still at home married to a grand fellow who owns a good amount of land. My mother lives close by in the house that The Baron gave us and spends her days keeping a watchful eye on her grand children.
Blessed Be
Tadhg Og O’ Higgin

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