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Robert “Robin” Heibrecht
First Guard to Lady Catelin Spenser

     Robin Heibrecht came to the attention of Lady Catelin one evening when he stepped in to a fray in her protection. His cat-like moves and prowess greatly impressed the lady and she offered him immediate employment.  A traveler before being employed by Lady Catelin, he has seen numerous ports around the world.
          He was schooled in English, Latin and Gaelic.  His education and demeanor make him a most suitable escort/companion for the lady when her lord husband is away.  His interests include Math, sophism and hunting.  His mother is Moyra Rutherfurd, information on his father is sketchy except for the name "Heibrecht".  He derives some of his income from family business ventures including a widely known tavern.
          His leisure time is filled with *interesting* past-times - he lists his hobbies as: "drink, swim, drink, gamble, drunk, make an arse of m’self, slosh, pick fights…." Robin has on numerous occasions proven his worth and diligence to his position.

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