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Richard Allenthor
Captain of the Vivacia Diem

          I was born the son of a pig farmer, Allen Thornbrier.  We held lands outside of Dublin, Ireland know as Thornbrier.  That was, until the sitting Lord decided he wished to increase his holdings.   While I was away on a trip with my Uncle, the Lord's men assassinated my family and took over the land as his own.   As the result of a botched attempt on the Lord's life, my Uncle felt it would be best for me to change my name to Richard Allenthor and leave Ireland.
          My Uncle took me to many lands and taught me the arts of Diplomacy and Courtly Grace.  While in the court of France, I was besought by the beauty of a young lass.  While my affections were returned enthusiastically, her Lord did not approve of my advances.
          My Uncle once again stepped into my life and sent me away to sea as Cabin Boy at age seventeen, on the Downrigger.  At sea is where I found my first Love, The Sea. I served aboard five ship's working my way through the ranks until I became Captain of the Enlighten Dawn.
          Having made some profitable voyages, and with a writ for petition toward the Spencer Longfellow Trading Company, I returned to Ireland only to find my lands were covered with water.  The river had changed track and taken over all that I once called home.  A fitting end.  So, with the past now closed, I struck forth upon the road towards England and the future.
       While passing through a village, a lass did catch my eye.  She worked with the clay of the earth and made objects of beauty from mud.  I couldn't resist the opportunity for profit and established trade rights with her before continuing on to England.
       My time in England has been profitable.  The Spencer Longfellow Trading Company has done well by me and I by them.  I now command the ship Vivacia and am still trying to convince that Irish wife at home that I only leave her on land for her safety.  For it is well know that the sea is a fickle mistress and I am a devoted lover.
Fair Winds be unto Ye!
Captain Richard Allenthor
Captain of the Vivacia
Spencer Longfellow Trading Company

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