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Lady Moyra Rutherfurd
Catelins Steward

     Born in Jedburgh, Scotland forty years before. She is a professional heiress, having inherited two complete estates, an inn, and various tributes left by past 'benefactors' including two husbands. At least one being her own. Her parents were William and Katherine Rutherfurd and were in fact married, to each other, before she was born, despite reports to the contrary. She speaks, reads and writes English, Gaelic and Latin having been educated by her very progressive father. Although she was not enlisted herself she insists on claiming several years of military 'service'. Moyra does not admit to any crimes: I never charged for it in my life.
     Moyra was introduced to Lord Spenser some ten years ago as he journeyed through Scotland and came to know Catelin when she was brought back to the estate in Newmarket to instruct Catelin in the finer arts of being a lady. It has been rumored that the relationship between Moyra and the widower Lord Spenser was more than platonic, but she insists that they were just good friends.
     She derives her wealth from the estates and Inn she inherited and maintains that her most precious treasure is knowledge. (The baubles acquired over the years are strictly incidental.) She maintains that although ample proof of her fertility exists, she does not deserve an entire chapter of begats.

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