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Gwendolyn Alenthor
the Potter

          My name is Gwendolyn Alenthor the Potter. I was born in a small barony just inside the southern part of Ireland, ruled by an English baron. My mother worked in the baronial household as the cook, and her husband worked the lands, never owning his own property. I never knew this man as my father, as he was killed before I was born. For you see, the baron was in love with my mother. His, and her, station in life would never let them be together as man and wife. When my mother became pregnant with me, her husband suspected that I was not his child, for they had tried for years to have a baby without success.
          Rumors among the serfs soon pointed toward the truth, that my mother was pregnant with the baron's bastard child. My mother's husband was incensed. He stormed to the baron's presence with blood on his brain, and paid the price with his life. The baron was a kind man, and felt guilt for depriving his child of some form of a father, and of my mother of her husband. He took good care of her while she was there, and made sure I had a proper education, and learned a trade, placing me above the station that I was born into.
          When I was old enough to be apprenticed, I learned pottery from the local potter, and began merchanting my craft. I was able to make enough money to take care of my mother when she became too old to work
(the baron, unbeknownst to anyone but me) also gave her a pension large enough that she would never be without. I am very grateful to him for that, and will forever keep their secret because of it.
       I met the man I married as he came a' trading. He became one of the best dealers of my wears, making me a good living. I would have been happy with the situation as it was, but he began to show interest in more than just my wears. I suppose I should have been more strange, but I said yes to his proposal the first time he asked me, and although he disappears to sea more often than I like, I have been happy, especially since our little angel Brigett was born. And now, with husband, family, and a fine employment with Her Ladyship Caitlin, plus the pottery business, I have the benefit of being an independent lady and a wife and mother.

Life is good.

Gwendolyn Alenthor the Potter

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