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The Honourable Lady-Squire
Catelin Spenser of Newmarket
          My name is Catelin Spenser, I was born in 1580, during the month of October, on the 31st day. I was born in Cambridge England and adopted soon after my birth by Lord William and Lady Catherine Spenser. My name is a diminutive of Catherine, so named by Lord Spenser upon my adoption. Williamís beautiful and most faire wife, who had previously delivered three strong sons had just delivered a still born girl child. His Lady most grief stricken, William arranged for my adoption from Aarontious and Ellen, in hopes of healing Catherineís melancholia. William, my father, has relayed to me that the faire Catherine was most pleased and happy after my adoption. It was with great sorrow then that six weeks later the Lady Catherine did die from complications of the childbirth. 
          The family name has a long tradition, the family having lived in Newmarket forover 400 years. The family name and granting of the legacy were given to me at the time of my adoption and recognized by both the Church and the Crown (Lord William having served HRM Elizabeth with much distinction.) As relayed already the Lady Spenser died soon after my adoption. Lord Spenser died two years ago, killed while on a diplomatic mission to Spain. My brothers, Richard, Henry and Arthur have al passed away. Richard, the eldest, killed in Ireland in service to the Crown. Henry died six years ago trying to rescue a prized stallion from a burning barn and Arthur was killed by highway men while delivering horses to HRM Elizabeth. My grandfather, Lord Richard Spenser yet lives, but he is a traveler who spends much of his time away from home. He returns on rare occasion to check on his "lass" but is most content to be traveling. I am the surviving heir to the Spenser name and legacy. 
          I am married to Lord Phillip Longfellow - a merchant sea Captain. A former Naval Captain, he left his commission to crew for the Trading company. He was a highly trusted Officer in my fatherís Trading Company, so much so that Lord Spenser did see fit to gift him with Perspective - the flagship of our Trading fleet. He and I met in London at the Companyís offices. 
          The Spenser family has raised crops and herds of cattle for centuries in Newmarket but our claim to glory is in the horses we raise. Spenser horses have influenced the bloodlines of the Royal studs of England and much of Western Europe for over 250 years. Queen Elizabethís post and His Majesty Jamesí interest in racing has prompted the development of horses of more size, capable of great speed and endurance. My father and grandfather imported Iberian and Spanish horses to make suitable riding horses. The beautiful white horses are the most prized breed throughout the royal stables of Europe. My father also made arrangement for the export of Freisian horses from the Netherlands. These larger horses make splendid tournament and driving horses. 
          My focus on the livestock was caused to change some two years back when information on my heritage was made public knowledge at a feast attended by many. There was much talk of scandal and questions of my right to the legacy and I was advised to tend to business matters in London while my grandfather and my fatherís Steward tended to what he called "nasty business" at home. It was also during this time that Phillip did acquire and gift to me a three-masted ship. Though I donít think it his intention, his playful banter about "her ship" did provoke me to obtain the services of a wise and experienced Mongol in putting together a crew of individuals I could trust. On a whim - and because of Phillipís chiding I did once deign to put the ship to sea during a period of time that Phillip was already at sea. Mind you it was to be just a brief excursion. However, certain circumstances prevailed and I find myself now spending as much time in London and aboard the ship during the sailing season as Phillip does his own. We have compromised in chiding and found that a certain spirit of competition is very healthy for the accounting books.
          It was with much pride that I recently accepted - on behalf of the ships of the Company - a letter of marque from His Majesty to Privateer.
Who is Catelin Monday through Friday and odd weekends? 

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