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Brenna Wallis
          In the Barony of Lagdosea, a coastal Scottish Barony, was born to a Lord Stuart Wallis and his wife Lunete 3 boys and a girl named Brenna.  Brenna's mother died from a plague early in her life and till the age of 10 was raised just like her 3 brothers.  A rider, a swords woman to rival all, she was also gifted to be educated like her older brothers.  At the age of 10 her Grandmother who lived in a cottage in the woods on the other side of her father holdings came to stay till Brenna was to be married.  The old woman taught Brenna the art of healing and it's ancient powers.  Now Brenna held the power of both good and evil.  The history of her Father and his power to fight and Mother the art of energy and herbal power. 
     At the age of 17 her father could not control the strong minded daughter and made a political match with Corbon Sommers a bordering Lord.  Brenna ran to her older cousin, Moyra Rutherford, who was residing with her friend Caitlin Spenser in New Market, England,  and helping Caitlin run her home holdings. 
Her cousin advised her to marry the Lord , she had seen him in court and thought him perfect for her cousin.  Moyra was forever helpful in the raising and well-being of Brenna, taking the young lady to court and training her to be a lady, something her eccentric Grandmother couldn't do. 
     Brenna returned to Scotland after spending time with the women in England, almost a year.  She wanted to remain with her cousin and the incredible Captain Cate,but both women thought that Corban would be a good marriage for Brenna and sent her back.  Brenna knew that she would return one day for many visits.  Brenna had a good and happy marriage for 5 years.  She became the mother of a son, Kyle and daughter,Tyler.  The fifth year Corban was called with Brenna's brothers and father to war for the Scottish Crown.  All were lost to battle.  Brenna now held two large holdings and was the mother of 2.  She also stored wine from France that came from her mother's family which was sold over Scotland and England.  Transport was supplied by the Spenser Longfellow Trading CO. 
     Brenna trained herself and an agent to the running of the holdings.  She often visited her cousin in England and healed with her Grandmothers gifts.  She discovered a sense of adventure and would travel on board to the other lands as a passenger aboard the Trading company's ships.  Learning more about healing in other lands and new herbs that heal.  She kept Cate's land workers and family healthy when she stayed with her cousin.  As her Grandmother wished Brenna continued to learn, to help and to use the art of energy for good.  Brenna's goals now are only to follow in the paths of the two strongest women she knew.  Moyra for her courtly knowledge and Captain Cate for her adventure and fearlessness. 
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