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Alexander Barclay
a.k.a.; Solomon Tiberius Peters
Gunners Mate

          Born into French aristocracy - his mother a noble, his father an Yiddish baker.  Alexander spent much of his life confused, trying to fit into these two diverse groups.  He left home at a very early age - about the time that his father decided he’d put off his Bris long enough.  His mother’s last recollection of him - “You want to cut my WHAT ? ”
          Alexander traveled through France learning the ins and outs of various trades until finding himself on the coast.  He was shanghaied into service aboard a Spanish Man-o-War and served there till it was sunk by a Mongol junk.  Yet not liberated he served in menial capacities until the junk was shipwrecked on a reef off of
Madagascar.  He was taken into the service of an expatriated Greek goat herd who looked kindly upon him for his run of bad luck.  Alexander saved his meager pittance until he could afford passage on a Trading ship bound for India.  It was here that he met Phillip Longfellow, then First Officer of the HMS Golden Reamer.
Upon returning to England, Alexander signed with the then Spenser Trading Company and continues his service to date.  Alexander has earned many meritorious citations for service to the Trading Company including munitions handling.

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