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Articles of the Trading Company

As obtained by Lady Desiree Dunne de Beaumont based on the Charter of the Privateer ship Dreamchaser - Atenveldt, Captain Alexandra da la Vert, Commanding.

I. Ye first law of ye brotherhood IS brotherhood:

No politics, no power plays, no ego trips.

II. Ye second law of ye brotherhood is PEACE:

No steel, fisticuffs, arguing or fighting among the Brothers. Only when absolutely necessary shall brother draw steel against kin, and then it shall be in tournament style only. Them that draws first blood, not the killing, shall be declared the victor. This does not include society tournaments.

III. Ye third law of ye brotherhood is SURVIVAL:

No boisterous drunkenness, illegal substances, in public or private. No compromising if minor. Each brother shall burden their own load and therefore be entitled to their share of the bounty.

IV. Ye fourth law of ye brotherhood is TRUST:

Yer Captain and brothers give ye their trust and friendship. FAIL THIS NOT! Things said in confidence, be them to a single brother, or to the crew are to be kept in that confidence. Ye word must be as strong as ye steel and as sharp as ye wit. (Privateers are known to have VERY sharp wits!)

V. Concerning thefts or housebreakings of freemen:


VI. Concerning behavior on or off the seas:

We are not the saints of the seas, but let us be a living example to those who live upon the land. Gentleman, honor ALL ladies. Ladies, be worthy of ALL honor.

VII. Concerning encampment and traditions:

There will be peace in camp or on board ship at all cost. Each visitor shall be given hospitality or courteously asked to leave if given no other options. The tradition of wine, food, and safety will be upheld. No one shall be called stranger, only a friend, not yet met.

VIII. Concerning Corpora, Society Laws and Traditions:

These will be upheld by the best of ye strength. Without these the Spenser Lonfellow Trading Company would have no safe ports to call home. Ye will endeavor to be a paid member and remain such.

IX. Concerning multiple obligations:

There will be no conflicts, so long as ye continue to uphold all of ye obligations. By failing in other obligations outside of the Spenser Longfellow Trading Company, ye bring dishonor to ye brothers. Choose well ye paths of service and know ye responsibilities. Ask of ye brothers advice and ye Captain. Know ye path.

X. Concerning guests of the crew and Captain:

Thems who bring visitors on board as guests or travelers are themselves responsible that these visitors know the articles and they will endeavor to uphold them.

XI. Concerning ye Galley Mistress or Master:

If ye agree to a Galley Mistress or Master for a time, know well this. Such is not ye responsibility to clean as well. If ye uses the galley or reaps the rewards of the Mistresses or Masters hard work, thank them and let them enjoy a clean galley after meal time has passed.

XII. Concerning Duty:

Ye will endeavor to be an active participant within the realm of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Mundane obligations are fully understood, but ye will wholeheartedly endeavor to support our Society by teaching, learning or serving these fine people. By ye actions the Society is made greater and by ye inaction made the lesser. Give of yerself freely and often and ye will be amazed at the bounty ye shall reap.

XIII. There is no Article Thirteen HAHAHA

XIV. Concerning Fealty:

Ye Captain may freely give an oath of service to the Crown or its representatives, or even an oath of fealty, this does not bind the crew, family or any traveler on board. Unless in the case of crew or household member's so choosing. Each must make ye own mind but remember our goal is to serve as example in our service within this Society.

XV. Concerning Safety:

Gentlemen and Ladies will be given escort after night fall. Period!! The only exception will be given to these brothers crazed enough to give security to the rest of the populace and ye brothers.

XVI. Concerning these articles themselves:

Slavery, indentured service and other such IDOCY shall not be tolerated. Freemen ye are and freemen ye shall ever remain. Each of ye sign these articles without coercion, force, or threat of pain. Don't place ye mark if ye cannot uphold them.

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